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Blended Visions "Colors in Conversation" 2024

Make Art Gallery presents Blended Visions: Colors in Conversation, an online virtual exhibition via the web that invites artists to explore the relationship between form and color, expressing themselves freely and presenting works capable of stimulating reflections and an emotional response in viewers. Participating artists are encouraged to play with this concept, but are not required to adhere to it.

The virtual exhibition will be promoted through press releases, advertising campaigns, and newsletters, bringing thousands of viewers from all over the world as always.

1) Allowed categories: Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital Art, Collage, Mixed Media (no sculpture, for exhibition reasons)
This exhibition is an inclusive space, open to every technique, style, and form of art.
The selection process will consider artistic quality and originality.

2) Theme: Free (Artists are free to interpret the theme without restrictions)

3) Submission Guideline:

The first selection phase is free of charge.
Submit images of 3 or more artworks to the email: to the email:
Artworks must be accompanied by
: Title of the artwork, Technique, Dimensions, Year of creation.
If available, please include your social media profiles (Instagram/Facebook or others) or your website in the email.
Only selected artists will be notified via email and will be able to proceed with their registration.
The selection process will include artistic quality and originality.

Only selected artists will be notified via email and will be able to proceed with their registration.

4) Includes:
● A 21 days exhibition hosted in our online virtual gallery
● Graphic design for posters/invitations to share on your website or social media profiles
● PDF catalog (downloadable/browsable)
● 200 high-definition photos available for download
● An artistic merit certificate sent in printable format via email
● A documentary video of the exhibition that will be published later

5) Awards and recognitions:
● One artist will be awarded a virtual solo exhibition lasting 30 days, which includes all the services reserved for online exhibitions (see point 4). They will also receive an artistic merit diploma sent via email in printable format.
● Four or more artists will receive the "Critical Art" award, which we reserve for only a few artists who have distinguished themselves for originality and expressive quality. Our recognition entails a 30-day showcase on our website's dedicated platform, each featuring two artworks and contact details. Additionally, they will receive an artistic merit diploma sent via email in printable format.
● All participating artists will receive a participation certificate sent via email in printable format.

6) Participation fee:

Only the artists who have received the confirmation email of selection will be able to choose whether to continue their registration or not, by paying a participation fee of:
€20 to exhibit one artworks
€30 to exhibit two artworks
The confirmation of how many artworks you can exhibit will be indicated via email.

7) Deadline:
May 4, 2024
The exhibition is scheduled for the month of May.
The dates will be communicated at the end of the selection process.

The virtual exhibition will be accessible from smartphones, tablets, and computers directly on this website and can be explored without the need for apps or installations, simply by using a web browser like Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, or Safari and navigating through the gallery with the on-screen commands.

You will participate in a contemporary art exhibition with spectators from all over the world.
An exclusive Virtual Exhibition with a timed Virtual Vernissage

Policy Privacy: By sending the selection email, you confirm that you have read this document and accept all the terms of the call. The personal data you provide will be processed in accordance with the European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data GDPR. You can request changes or deletion of data by contacting the data controller, Mr. Stefano Fiore, via email at Your data will only be used for communications, updates on the website and our social channels, for tax purposes, and for the specific artistic application in question, and we guarantee that they will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties. The Privacy Policy is available at - The organizers reserve the right to postpone the selection deadline by a maximum of one week, to allow those who are late to complete the registration for the virtual exhibition.

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Make Art Gallery è un team appassionato composto da artisti e curatori d'arte che collaborano dal 2010 per promuovere gli artisti attraverso nuove idee e spazi espositivi online. Abbiamo creato gallerie d'arte virtuali che ospitano mostre internazionali curate con professionalità, accessibili da chiunque e provenienti da qualsiasi parte del mondo. Inoltre, abbiamo introdotto ulteriori attività creative che rafforzano il nostro impegno verso l'arte e gli artisti emergenti.

Il gruppo artistico Make Art Gallery opera online attraverso eventi virtuali come mostre e concorsi per artisti emergenti, con una forte promozione online e su canali dedicati all'arte. L'indirizzo indicato sul sito è esclusivamente a fini legali e fiscali. Registered & Protected

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